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National Conference on ‘GAUSEVA IN NATION BUILDING’

Launching of exclusive Certificate Training Course in Gaushala & Dairy Management & ‘Gauca’ Brand Fulfilling aspiration of all the stake holders, an exclusive national conference on “Gauseva in Nation Building” (Rashtriya Nirman Mein Gauseva) is being organized by ‘Maharishi Vashistha Institute of Gaushala Management and Research Council (MVIGMRC)’ at the prestigious Conference Hall of Indian Medical Association (IMA), ITO, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi on Sunday (2:00pm onwards) February 05, 2023 The conference will be held with active support of the Central/ State Ministries, Departments Veterinary Institutions, Gaushala, Dairies, Gram Panchayat and NGOs as an integral part of Rashtriya ‘Amritkaal Gauseva Mahotsav 2023’ The occasion assumes significance especially when a Certificate Training Course on Gaushala and Dairy Management along with launching of ‘Gauca’ brand.

Event will be given extensive publicity through prominent print, electronic and social media. There is a considerable response from Center/State bodies, Gram Panchayat, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, FPOs, Dairy experts, Pashu Sakhi, Veterinary Institutions, Gaushala, Gau Rakshak, agri-related functionaries, NGOs, etc.

Even in the present era, cow care and cure as specified in ‘Vedic Sanskriti’ is relevant and significant for socio-economic development of both rural and urban masses. Being divine in nature, it is also indispensable for protection of green environment and preservation of the entire ecosystem.

Gaushalas and cow care are also vital elements of India’s ancient heritage, culture and can empower even the north east region. Having tremendous important for conservation and protection of the environment Gaushalas (Cow shades) have become more significant specially when India is holding G-20 Submmit and environmental concern for sustenance.

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