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Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal’s THANKYOU INDIA, BHARAT SHUKRIYA campaign reaches from Delhi to other cities

Creating awareness for the benefits of being deeply grateful all across India, Ontologist & relationship expert Aashmeen Kaur Munjaal took her #thankyouindia Bharat Shukriya campaign to its next spot which is Madhya Pradesh.

Letting people know how to fulfill their dreams with the power of Gratitude, Aashmeen reached all over the nation and also internationally with her campaign.

All the way from Delhi, Aashmeen and her Shukrana Foundation team hosted a Gratitude Retreat at Pench, Madhya Pradesh to make individuals be in gratitude for themself, and for the Mother country India they are raised in. More than hundreds of participants had joined from across India and the world to learn, grow and practice the science and signs of the Law of attraction, Manifestation & Gratitude.

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