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ITSOM by Somya Khurana presented her collection at DLC

Festive season is around the corner and the hustle has begun. From clothing, food and lastly interiors there are plethora of new ideas to furnish yourself and your surroundings. A top notch lively party atmosphere culminates with a unique sense of fashion, style, music, gourmet cuisine, drinks and lots of belonging.

ITSOM by Somya run by eminent fashion designer, Somya Khurana displayed radiance and glory through phenomenal work at the Fashion and Jewellery Show organised by Team DLC and founder Jimmy Mistry on 22nd December 2022 at Taj Ambassador, Delhi graced by renowned and prestigious designers, spokespersons, health and fitness experts.

Taking insights from the confluence of artistic world, the collection embodied black colour as the symbol of power and vigour that diffused perfection, comfort and panache. The collection consisted of ever lasting exquisite sarees, smashing classic silhouettes and graceful evening long gowns that bewitched and entranced everyone. The ensembles presented can be worn at various gatherings and occasions from casual, party, weddings to fine dining.

The choice of colour, fabric and design redefined the amalgamation of eloquence and elegance. The Swarovski embellishments on the garments enhanced the aesthetic and appeal. The collection was like a pandora box that inculcated polka dots, long slits, off shoulders, fur designing, beautiful necklines . Accessorised with embroidered belts, diamonds, headbands, mang tikkas escalated the look.

This collection offered a panoramic glimpse of royalty and modernity suited for every women. The work and minute detailing on the collection diverged the gleam of vitality and zest. The fine finishing and nicely hemmed garments provided an edge and dominance. The show was altogether dynamic, glamorous, youthful and winsome.

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