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Worldmark Gurugram Hosts Magical Evening of Poetry and Music with Shabd

New Delhi : Worldmark Gurugram, the premier mixed-use development by Brookfield Properties, successfully concluded its vibrant and soothing event, “Shabd,” exceeding all expectations and captivating audiences with a spellbinding mixture of Shayari, storytelling, and poetry performances.

“Shabd” held on 17th May 2024 at Worldmark Gurugram was an intimate and experiential poetry event, designed to captivate and engage audiences. The celebration featured a rich blend of poetry, music, and storytelling, with a diverse lineup of talented artists, offering attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and engage directly with the performers.

The event commenced at 6 PM at Worldmark Gurugram, located in Sector 65, and unfolded into an enchanting evening filled with Hindustani stories, music, and poetry. The lineup included renowned artists such as Gopal Dutt, Rajat Sood, Mukul Sharma, Vanika Sangathani, Gunjan Saini, Niyab Midha, and Akanksha Grover. Their performances celebrated the beauty of Urdu, Hindi, and Hindustani languages.

“Shabd” succeeded in delivering on its promise of creating a magical experience, bringing together artists, art lovers, wordsmiths, and those who appreciate diverse cultures. Attendees were immersed in the magic of stories, experiences, music, and verses, fostering a sense of community and connection.

The event celebrated the roots and spirituality expressed through poetry, stories, and songs, providing a couple of hours filled with moving and memorable moments. This reflected Brookfield Properties’ philosophy of creating vibrant spaces that inspire connection, learning, and growth. By crafting a unique experience that transcends entertainment, the event fostered cultural exchange, strengthened community ties, and created lasting memories for all involved.

Brookfield Properties is a leading global developer and operator of high-quality real estate assets, known for its commitment to creating vibrant, sustainable, and innovative spaces. With a diverse portfolio that includes retail, and mixed-use developments, Brookfield Properties aims to foster community and connection through thoughtful placemaking.

Worldmark Gurugram, located in Sector 65, is a premier mixed-use development offering a dynamic blend of office spaces, retail outlets, and dining options. Designed to create a vibrant community hub, Worldmark Gurugram is committed to fostering cultural exchange and community growth through a variety of engaging events and activities.

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