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Worldmark Aerocity celebrates Korean culture with a vibrant, curated carnival

Worldmark Aerocity, a premier mixed-use development of Brookfield Properties, concluded its vibrant Korean Karnival on a high note, exceeding expectations and captivating audiences. The two-day event, held on April 27th and 28th, 2024, was a huge success, immersing attendees in the heart of Korean culture through a captivating array of culinary delights, enthralling performances, and interactive experiences.

On the 27th of April (Saturday) the event started off with the performance of Vankoor, Delhi based musician and vocalist, a dance performance by dance crew Girl Crush, Samul Nori Instrumental Drumming, which consisted of a group of performers play the traditional Korean Drums, and finally performance by Rigmona, a four people Pop Funk band.

And events of 28th of April (Sunday) began with Djembe Drums being played, followed by Arma’s live singing performance. This was then continued by Ez crew’s dance performance, Chizai, a Pop, rock and electro-acoustic music band’s performance and finally ended with Adity & Anirban’s music performance.

Known for its vibrant atmosphere, diverse offerings and curating unique experiences, Worldmark Aerocity provided the perfect backdrop for the event. Guests embarked on a culinary adventure, savoring authentic dishes presented by a curated selection of 12-15 leading Korean food and lifestyle brands.

The meticulously designed Instagram Garden served as a central attraction, with attendees capturing and sharing their experiences using the hashtag #KoreanKarnival. Notably, the event fostered a significant platform for cultural exchange, attracting prominent media outlets and Korean organizations.

The Korean Karnival successfully resonated with a diverse audience. From passionate Korean culture enthusiasts to families seeking a unique outing and curious culinary adventurers, the event offered something for everyone. The vibrant atmosphere mirrored the diverse interests of the Delhi community, creating a truly memorable experience.

The event reflected Brookfield Properties’ philosophy of creating vibrant spaces that inspire connection, learning, and growth. By crafting a unique experience that transcended mere entertainment, the event fostered cultural exchange, strengthened community ties, and created lasting memories for all involved bringing their spaces alive. This innovative approach to placemaking exemplifies their commitment to creating more than just places, but vibrant hubs that empower connection and growth.

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