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Children Discover the Magic of Vedic Mathematics and Story Creation at Ladakh Book Festival 2023

The second day of theLadakh Book Festival 2023 commenced with engaging sessions and interactive workshops designed to inspire and educate young minds.

Organized by National Book Trust, India (NBT-India) in association with the Administration of UT of Ladakh, the Ladakh Book Festival 2023 is being held from 12 to 16 July 2023 at the New Multipurpose Indoor Stadium (NDS Memorial Sports Ground) in Leh and is showcasing the rich cultural heritage and literature of Ladakh along with a wide range of activities to promote reading, encourage creativity, and foster a love for books among people of all ages.

The sessions kicked off with a fascinating session on Vedic mathematics titled ‘Playing with Numbers: The Vedic Way’ where renowned mathematician Vivek Kumar took the center stage, captivating the students with his expertise in unlocking the hidden techniques of Vedic Mathematics. The session provided a mental workout for the participants as they were introduced to a plethora of mathematical tips and tricks derived from the Vedas. Through interactive problem-solving exercises, the students honed their mathematical skills and discovered the magic of numbers.

In the spirit of nurturing young imaginations, a captivating story creation workshop was conducted by Komal Narwani. The session delved into the realm of beloved cartoon and comic characters, encouraging students to embark on a creative journey. Guided byNarwani, the students learned to craft their unique narratives using their favorite characters as a foundation and their imagination to bring their cartoon characters to life.

Next, an exciting quiz competition, organized by NBT-India, took place on the theme of literature, freedom fighters and movements, and Ladakh – the land of high passes. More than 250 enthusiastic students actively participated in the quiz, showcasing their knowledge and passion for learning. The quiz covered various aspects of literature and Ladakhi culture, providing an opportunity for the participants to showcase their expertise. Prizes in the form of books were awarded to the students who answered correctly.

The day’s activities culminated in a captivating session that explored the folklore of Ladakh through theatre. Esteemed speaker Miphal Otsal, a playwright who has directed over 20 plays and acted in more than 50 plays, took the stage. He shed light on the invaluable role of theatre in educational institutions, emphasizing that it contributes to the holistic development of individuals.

A translation workshop in Hindi to Bhoti language is also being organised on the sidelines of the book festival to foster greater translation of local literature, facilitating wider access to the literary treasures of Ladakh. Over the course of three days, authors and translators will be translating 8 children’s titles published by NBT-India into the Bhoti language.

Apart from the main venue, a host of activities and events are also be organised all across the city of Leh, including reading and storytelling sessions, musical performances, art and craft activities, ensuring an immersive experience for all.

The Ladakh Book Festival 2023 continues to provide a platform for cultural exchange and intellectual engagement, celebrating the diversity of literature and promoting the joy of reading. Alongside these activities, visitors also had the opportunity to explore the exhibition featuring prominent publishers and booksellers from across the country. The stalls offer a wide range of books, including bestsellers, rare editions, and works that delve into the rich cultural tapestry of Ladakh. The festival provides an immersive experience for all, with activities such as reading and storytelling sessions, musical performances, art and craft exhibitions, and more, happening across the city of Leh.

Mark your calendars for the Ladakh Book Festival from 12 to 16 July 2023, 10 am to 6 pm. Entry is free for all! And 10% discount on the purchase of books as well! Join us in celebrating the magic of words, the joy of reading, and the vibrant cultural heritage of Ladakh.

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