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Building a Stronger  India : Vision  Amrit   Kaai Bharat  Ka 2047 Conference Paves the  Way

Lucknow :    “Vision    Amrit    Kaai    Bharat   Ka    2047”     conference    a    dialogue      series    from VISION TELEVISIONWORLD   took place   on   July   15,  2023,   at   the  prestigious     Lal    Bahadur  Shashtri  Ganna Kisan   Sansthan in Dailbagh,  Lucknow,   Uttar  Pradesh.

The  conference   was graced by the presence of the esteemed  Chief Guest,  Shri.  Yogendra Upadhyay,   Minister of   Higher    Education,     Uttar    Pradesh  along    with    other   guest   like    Wing   Commander     Praful    Bakshi (Retd), Major  General   Sajeev  Jaitley   & Major General  S.K  Singh   their  presence   symbolizes    the  importance   of this  event and showcases the  commitment    of the state   government   in  driving  the  progress  of Uttar  Pradesh and India  as a whole.

“Vision  Amrit  Kaai  Bharat    Ka 2047   is a collaborative    vision  that  encourages   all stakeholders   to collaborate   in order to create a future-ready,   inclusive  education   ecosystem  that allows  every Indian  to realize  their  dreams. We are  devoted  to  fostering  educational   fairness   and  accessibility,   ensuring  that  every  Indian    has equal opportunity   to achieve  their ambitions    and  contribute  to the  prosperity   of the  country.  We are  dedicated   to encouraging   innovation    and  entrepreneurship,    as well as empowering     our  youth to become job creators  and contribute    to   India’s    economic  growth   and  development.”     – Yogendra   Upadhyay,    Minister    of   Higher Education,  Uttar  Pradesh.

“The  aim of the conference  is to align  with  the clarion  call given  by our Prime   Minister,   Shri  Narendra  Modi  Ji, to the 140 crore citizens of India.   His call urges every individual   to engage  and  contribute   towards the progress of fndia, moving towards the Amrit  Kaai of Bharat. By embracing this theme, the conference seeks to inspire and  motivate   participants   to actively   participate    in the transformation   of  India”·   Pranab  Prakhar,   Editor  in Chief, VISION TELEVISION  WORLD.


The   conclave  saw wonderful   sessions    by Wing  Commander   Praful   Bakshi  (Retd), Major General  Sajeev Jelley&  Major   General  S  K  Singh spoke that  “today  we  stand  at  the   forefront   of  a  new  era  where  the convergence of  drone   technology  and  advanced weaponry   is reshaping  the  landscape of  warfare.  As  we witness the rise of unmanned platforms and the power they  possess, we must remain vigilant in harnessing these  innovations to ensure   the security  and  superiority   of our armed  forces.  In the realm of air power,  drones have emerged as formidable  allies, enhancing our surveillance capabilities, precision strikes, and intelligence gathering.   Let us  embrace this  era of technological    prowess,  where  drones,  advanced  weapon   platforms,  and high-technology systems become force  multipliers  for our  armed  forces. Wjth a steadfast commitment  to innovation,   we will  ensure  that our military  remains at the cutting   edge, prepared  to defend  our nation against any threat that may arise.”

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