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Desi, but with a twist! Hotel Sayaji Raipur welcomes you to their ‘Twist with Desi Pakwan’ food festival this April!

Pune : This April, Sayaji Raipur is all set to take you on a culinary journey with their ‘Twist with Desi Pakwan’ food festival at their multi cuisine buffet restaurant ‘Cravings’! It is no secret that desi food holds a special place in all our hearts and why not! After all, the myriad of robust flavors one gets to experience in the Indian cuisine is simply unmatched. Keeping that very thought in mind the culinary team at Sayaji Raipur is going to make your April sizzling by treating your taste buds to a variety of fusion desi dishes full of flavors and textures!

This food festival will be unique and a memorable one for all the guests as they get to explore dishes with a twist that will leave them craving for more yet have that sense of familiarity in every bite. Be it an appetizer, beverage, a dish in the mains or a dessert, the chef and his team have put their creative minds together to construct delicacies which are a result of pure brilliance. Guests will relish dishes such as pan shot pan puri, Madrasi lung fung soup, butter chicken burritos, veg jalfrezi cannelloni, Thai chicken tikka, pasta in Mysore chutney, malpua lasagna, lahsun ki kheer, and much more! While fusion dishes are usually hit-or-miss, the chef has carefully curated all the dishes to ensure that the guests experience a fusion preparation that satiates all their cravings, however out of the box it may be!

As Sayaji Raipur welcomes you to their one of a kind ‘Twist with Desi Pakwan’ food festival this April, it is certain that all those in Raipur or are visiting this beautiful hotel are in for a splendid, innovative, and a delectable meal. If you enjoy experimenting with new food trends, then this one is definitely for you!

DATE: ongoing till May 1, 2022

VENUE: Cravings, Sayaji Raipur

CONTACT: 9109160064/29

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