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The Lexicon Art Gallery  ‘His Glory and His Monuments’

New  Delhi: The Lexicon Art Gallery held an inaugural art show at The Lexicon Art, Connaught Place, Delhi titled ‘His Glory and His Monuments’. The theme offered a brief albeit intense visual journey into the occult nature of reality and history. From Jain Tirthankaras to the Sirohi Mandala, ‘His Glory and His Monuments’ captivated and provided thoughts into the aesthetic, cosmological, and esoteric traditions of both Ancient and Mediaeval India.

The art gallery has been presenting shows of contemporary Indian art. Now, they are stepping a milestone to explore the numerous forms of Indian and International art. The exhibition was curated and also explicated through a book-length essay by Dr. Kallol Roy.

Mamta Nath (Founder & Director- Lexicon Art Gallery) said “This exhibition, titled” His Glory and His Monuments” is a collaborative effort of various learned minds in the field of art. We hope to not only exhibit these treasures to all but also make them accessible. Hopefully, for the discerning art lovers, this show shall bring joy and dispense the much-hidden knowledge about an art form which remains enshrined in the scriptures and miniatures.”
Exhibition Start : 14th March 2022 to 12 April 2022, (Monday-Saturday)
Time: 11:00 a.m to 7 p.m

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