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Sustenable Co. organized the two-day Sustainable Entrepreneurship workshop with students at Miranda House and Bharti College

 “Workshop aimed at catalysing creation of a generation of Sustenable entrepreneurs by experts-led workshop on creating 3P model driven sustainable businesses”

 New Delhi, 9th February 2022: India is one of the fastest growing emerging market economies with a young population and burgeoning innovation and business ecosystem. With a GDP growth of 6 to 6.8 per cent in 2023-24, India is likely to become USD 7 trillion economy by 2030.

However, glaring priorities lie ahead for the future of India’s economy to adopt structural sustainable practices in their operations and growth prioritise, as the country accounts for the third-highest emissions on the planet.

In this spirit, Sustenable – an organisation which aims to enable individuals across sectors to take Sustainability beyond table talk to a platform that places it as a core ethic across human actions, with a focus on making businesses and industries sustainable – organised a Sustenable Entrepreneurship Seminar and Workshop at Miranda House College and Bharati College in New Delhi.

The keynote speakers for the seminar included Mr. Manil Agarwal, Founder, Sustenable Co. and Col. Prakash Tewari (Retd.), who is a part of the board of directors of Grameen Impact Ventures.

During the conference, Mr. Manil Agarwal introduced the 3P model of People, Planet and Profit and its core value of sustainability as a compelling idea for businesses seeking long term profitability.

While introducing, he spoke about how the Triple Bottom Line concept developed by John Elkington has changed the way businesses, non-profits and governments measure sustainability and the performance of projects or policies.

During the seminars, participants were exposed to three workshops led by industry leaders on: understanding the triple P model and selecting a sustainable business, mapping stakeholders of the business, and balancing stakeholders and profits.

 According to Mr. Manil Agarwal, Founder, Sustenable said “Through sustainable education, students gain a deeper understanding of how current consumption patterns will affect the environment, what sustainability means to them, and helping them envision a sustainable world.”

Mr. Agarwal further highlighted … “This enables today’s youth to think creatively and critically about the future and implement a ‘sustainable’ path incorporating fair-minded and technologically viable solutions.In this regard, education will be instrumental in promoting sustainable behaviours and improving future generations’ health and well-being.”

Reflecting on his years of experience in working with large corporates, Col. Prakash Tewari (Retd.), who is a part of the board of directors of Grameen Impact Ventures, focused on the importance of why businesses should become responsible, whom they are responsible for, and how businesses can become responsible.

The seminar organised by Sustenable is second in the series of seminars which Sustenable will organise across India in prestigious schools and colleges, leading up to a national level conference by the end of this year, with an aim to chart the course to sustainability for diverse participants of the Indian economy.

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