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Pune Book Festival 2023 Draws to a Literary Finale with Hearts Full of Joy

In a poignant conclusion, the Pune Book Festival 2023 gracefully wrapped up, leaving behind a tapestry of literary memories and a collective longing for future editions. The festival’s triumphant success has ignited a fervent desire to organize such enriching literary gatherings on a yearly basis.

The last 9 days have seen a huge footfall of visitors – young and old alike – visiting the book stalls, buying books, attending literary sessions, thousands of school children made the most of the activities, workshops, and contests specially curated for them, and all Punaikers enjoyed the cultural festivity in the evenings. The special exhibitions, as well as Selfie points, drew a lot of crowd, as well as many celebrities and dignitaries. With the book festival having bagged 4 Guinness World Records, it was quite a mega event in Pune as well as a matter of pride for the whole Maharashtra and the country as a whole.

The day kicked off with a splendid Marathi storytelling session at the Children’s Corner by Jyoti Adapawar. Her use of various voices added a delightful touch as children eagerly engaged, contributing their enthusiasm to the lively atmosphere. Following this, Sharanya Shriram led a puppet-making session, where both children and accompanying adults immersed themselves in the creative joy of crafting paper dog puppets. The day continued with a Drawing Competition, witnessing spirited participation from all children. The distribution of prizes and certificates heightened the festive spirit, with warm congratulations extended to NBT for their invaluable support.

As the curtains descended on the festival, attendees relished final moments, collecting souvenirs, and expressing gratitude to publishers for their significant contributions. The literary highlights included a profound discussion on “Mythopoeia Odyssey: Blending Myths & Shaping Worlds” by Kavita Kane & Antar Atreya, engaging the audience in a captivating exploration of mythology and the author’s role. A Poetry Sangam, featuring six accomplished poets, showcased a rich confluence of diverse backgrounds and themes.

The festival bid its farewell with a cultural crescendo from Shillong, courtesy of the Colours Rock Band. Their musical enchantment bridged the realms of reading and music, creating a memorable synergy that resonated with attendees.

The day also saw many dignitaries visiting the Pune Book Festival, including Chandrakant Dada Patil, Minister Higher Education, Govt. of Maharashtra, Dr. Suresh Gosavi, Vice Chancellor SPPU, and renowned artists, and actors, such as Praveen Tarde, Snehal Tarde, Ramesh P. Pardesi, amongst others.

As the final chapter unfolds, the Pune Book Festival concludes with a promise to return, leaving behind a legacy of literary richness and cultural vibrancy. The collective joy and enthusiasm witnessed throughout the festival underscore the profound impact of literature and the enduring spirit of the Pune community. NBT India extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and attendees, as together, we celebrate the transformative power of words and the boundless possibilities they bring to our lives. Until we meet again on the next literary journey, may the pages of inspiration continue to turn.

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