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Pragati Maidan Tunnel – visit by Ambassadors/High Commissioners

New Delhi : Ambassador/High Commissioners of Bhutan, Afghanistan, Zambia, Niger, Chad, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, Maldives, Mali, Mongolia visited the art work created in the tunnel.  The event was also attended by the senior dignitaries of Ministry of External Affairs.  This artwork in the tunnel is spread over 27000 sq.mtrs. which is the largest ever artwork made in the world. While walking through, the dignitaries witnessed the finest expressions of India’s culture based on the theme “Celebration of life through six seasons of India” through decorative murals on the side walls and central columns.  The murals were hand-painted and manufactured on mild steel sheets to indigenize the ambience of the tunnel.  The tunnel has been termed as an “Engineering Marvel”, inspired by “Samba Purana”, an ancient text dedicated to sun worship, the artwork inside changes colours alongwith the seasons, starting from spring at the entrance from Purana Qila Road and ending with winter at the exit on Ring Road.

The dignitaries appreciated the artwork and the engineering in making of this tunnel.  The dignitaries were informed that tunnel is part of Pragati Maidan Redevelopment Project and the tunnel is also connected to the underground parking of Pragati Maidan which has a huge capacity of 4800 CPU.

The event was curated by Mr. Him Chatterjee of Himachal University.

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