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Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal introduces a three days session of Inner Voice Retreat to unveil a person’s hidden potential!

All your life there has been an inner voice offering guidance, gently and sometimes urgently. Sometimes you listened and other times you brushed it aside and thought nothing of it. Therefore, Ontologist and Relationship Expert Aashmeen Munjaal, founder of Shukrana Gratitude Foundation along with Arvind Munjaal & her Research team introduced an inner voice retreat, a three days awakening session where a person can unveil their hidden potential to understand and listen to the gut. Along with several participants, the session also witnessed the presence of International attendees, Sabine Dietrich Damm, Sarah Unwin, Ana Perez, Natalia Valencia, Teresa Mugica, and more from the UK, Spain, and Germany. The soulful event happened at Zorba the Buddha, an Oasis in the urban concrete jungle, amidst New Delhi.

The three days awakening session started with the introduction of an inner voice retreat & an individual guide for the participants to make the vision and flush out the negative emotions with stress buster & gibberish commu-meditation. The sessions also witnessed the understanding of 5 elements of awakening with different activities of the 5 senses which are, the Earth Element, Water Element, Air Element, and Fire Element with Live Music, the 4th sense awakening with slow body movement to understand moving ahead in life. And Star gazing to listen to the Voice of Space Element, the 5th sense awakening with hearing the Silence. There was also the introduction to magic cues of the Universe and calming therapy with meditative music & learning the art of power nap to understand the positive signs of dreams with dream catcher-choose your mantra. The food, colors, music, prayers, rituals, and meditation were all in sync with the theme.

Talking about the awakening series, Aashmeen stated, “The motive behind this retreat is to get to feel your soul, to understand that it’s not a voice you hear necessarily, but a sense or a feeling (though it can be a voice for some). It can be a hunch or fleeting feeling, image, or impression. Mostly we understand the outer voice, not the inner voice, so “listen to your gut, your intuitive voice”. You don’t have to be an intuitive person to experience this—you are constantly taking in impressions throughout the day with your finely tuned senses and processing them. The shift starts when you begin to pay attention to the impressions and your responses to them. With so many enticing stimuli drawing your attention outward, you may have lost touch with your ability to connect inward. Trust that you have this inner guidance, waiting patiently for you to notice—your personal compass to guide you through the tempestuous waters of life.”

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