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New Delhi : IISE 2022 (September 8-10), at Pragati Maidan focuses on advancements in the fields of modern equipment and systems of surveillance; explosive detection and disposal; fire fighting; access control; radio communications; training equipment; home and automotive security sectors. Besides the past practice, to make the event more meaningful and to further its outreach, the expo is also targeting to attract visitors from various important institutions like the bank sector, Railways, Highways, medical centers especially private hospitals, RWAs, PSUs, Multi-national companies, Building associations, Metros etc. in which security is becoming a subject of prime importance day by day.  ITPO has also extended invitations to the   Home Ministers, Secretaries and senior representatives from the State governments and   law enforcement  agencies  to visit the   fair.   Apart from a large number of security professionals, the fair will be visited by senior representatives from Paramilitary Forces, State Police Forces, Security agencies, Embassies, MNCs, Banks, PSUs and Residents Welfare Associations.

Also, during the currency of the fair, many seminars will be conducted at the same venue to address security concerns across the country.  Elite speakers will be joining the event.

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