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Klip VR Immersive Technologies organized CHANDRAYAAN VR at Joseph and Mary Public School

(Virtual Expedition to Moon)

Klip VR Immersive Technologies organized Chandrayaan VR (Virtual Expedition to Moon) at Joseph and Mary Public School, Burari, school premises from 11 AM onwards. Chandrayaan VR gave an opportunity to the students to be a part of Space Mission and experience several events that help in scientific learning. The students were teleported to explore a virtual world, empowering them to be Indian Space Scientists, take space journeys and escort Lunar Surface Experiments.

Klip VR Immersive Technologies is the first one to introduce and implement the technology for educational purposes. Earlier, VR was restricted to gaming but now Klip Vr is aiming to offer it as a service to promote the educational experience. Their aim is to create an imaginative space for student learning. They focussed on the production of the best VR experiences for the masses. It would open new areas for exploration for the students. They allowed the learners to go beyond the physical boundaries like walking on the moon, diving into the ocean, or taking a journey inside the human body, which otherwise are impossible. This escalated their knowledge and understanding of the world around them by building curiosity, fact retention, and visual learning. As they quote, “Either It’s a Good VR or it’s not a VR”

Rishi Ahuja Founder of Klip VR Immersive Technologies said “Virtual Reality is a fantastic technology for education; today, we have ignited a spark in India’s young minds with curiosity, imagination, and desire. Chandrayaan VR is the start of our fantastic journey for every child to explore beyond the real world, and We wish every child must experience this world-class immersive Virtual Reality in their schools and develop the Art of Imagination.”

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